The Fashion Film “Voluptuous” interprets the biblical history of creation once more and focuses on real elements in Human history on earth today and in the future. The human race, represented by the two Adam and Eve like protagonists undergo 7 chapters on their journey to becoming modern human beings.
They enter the new world, discover the forbidden fruit which is directly linked to not being able to resist it. Both start feeling ashamed of their naked bodies, long for more power and wealth, which climaxes in preposterous consumption of everything around them and they finally learn that the path they were on is doomed. At which point they shed their modern clothes and return to the wild as naked human beings.
Through the combination of longing for freedom and trying to resist the power play mankind determines its true meaning of existence. This simple and clear identity is represented by one single Fashion-Item, the glasses by OWLoptics. Perspective, innovation and utter knowledge reaches mankind, the modern human being is sculpted.


Leonie Steeger Concept, Art Direction, Production
Nick Byerly Director of Photography, Co-Production
Him – Manuel Zenker by Brüderchen & Schwesterchen
Her – Julia Wieczorek by Promod Model Agency
Fatmir Dolci Concept, 1st Camera Assistant
Sascha Thiele Music, Sounddesign
Marvin Perchner Edit

Julia Haack Set Production, Still Photography
Asadeh Khakban Script, Continuity
Marvin Stindt, Philip Hallay Gaffer
Martin Olmert Key Grip
Alisha Weder, Franziska Schweiger Production Design
Viola Finkenrath Hair, Make Up
Hannah Jesse Styling
Michael Stutz Color Correction
Willi Harder Layout, Website


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Schloss Koertlinghausen, Family von Fürstenberg, Ingrid and Herbert Steeger, Angela Steeger, Ursula and Gerhard Bechthold, Bettina Bechthold-Byerly, Thuy and Jürgen Roth, Fred Byerly and Verena Hoheiser, Christoph Steeger, Catering-Knippschild, Family Dolci, Charlotte Helm, Family Dohle, Maren Heyn, Gerrit Hecht, Jana Ahrens from OWL optics, Stefanie Rittmeyer from Brüderchen & Schwesterchen, Celine Korte from Promod Model Agency, Susi, the bunny, Fachhochschule Dortmund, Prof. Dr. Pamela Scorzin, Prof. Adolf Winkelmann, Prof. Fosco Dubini, Harald Opel, Angelika Dreischulte


LEONIE STEEGER is a Creative Director and Producer for Film and Commercial Videos. She was born near Cologne, Germany and has a bachelors degree in film production and directing. Currently she is working on various film projects with her film team and Voluptuous DOP Nick Byerly. In addition to operating as an Assistant Producer at German Film Production Agencies.

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